Everything we have designed for you is united by a single common thread: to create unforgettable little moments for you.


Small daily treats to start the day with the sweetest of awakenings and candlelit dinners to melt the hearts of the most romantic.
If you prefer to keep fit even on vacation, we will introduce you to our personal coach.
We set no limits when it comes to fulfilling your wishes.


For us, every event is the perfect opportunity to create an unforgettable day full of emotions. Meetings, events and special occasions: our staff will know how to best meet your needs. Because you will always be at the centre of our attention.


We don’t just want to be a welcoming home where you can take refuge and disconnect from everyday chaos. We want to fill your days with discoveries, sensations and emotions to be immortalised in a scrapbook.
History, culture, tradition, authentic everyday life. We will show you the as yet undiscovered treasures of our land.


We know how to make you feel at home, at any time of the day. We know how to be the place you want to return to, every time you are looking for a place in which to experience moments to remember.