Marina di Pescoluse: “tropical” beach and 5-star services in Salento

Imagine waking up one summer morning, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In a place that allows you to take a towel, the book you cannot wait to read and be in one of the most beautiful beaches of Salento just after breakfast.

Imagine a descent that takes you to the sea, enjoying the harmony of the seasonal colours that only this strip of land has to offer.

Imagine finding miles of beach in front of you and being able to park in peace; crossing small paths among the hot sand dunes, adorned with sea lilies and Mediterranean scrub, which open onto a terrace with tropical features.

So, welcome. You are in Marina di Pescoluse.

Crystal waters from blue to emerald that appear transparent as you approach, revealing all the beauty of their seabed. Beaches of fine white sand that stretch for miles, seducing lovers of jogging and barefoot walks on the shore. From dawn to dusk.

Oh, yes, the dusk! Marina di Pescoluse is an obligatory stop for those who cannot wait to snuggle up on the beach and enjoy the sunsets of Salento, with the sun that sets the horizon on fire before slowly fading into the sea.

No, there is nothing that you cannot enjoy in this quiet corner of paradise a few steps from the village of Salve, not far from the more chaotic and touristic Santa Maria di Leuca and Gallipoli. Because here in addition to a fabulous landscape, kingdom of an unspoiled nature, and an atmosphere in which relaxation reigns… you will also find those who will pamper you with 5-star services and good food.

Ideal destination for those looking for a quiet place to regenerate, perfect for a family holiday. Every year many choose Pescoluse for the beauty of its beach and the strategic position that allows you to move easily from the Ionian side to the Adriatic side, and visit the Southern Salento far and wide within a radius of just 50 km.

What do you say? Are you starting to think about it?

Contact us now for a unique holiday at Coclee Suite Palace, Boutique Hotel Salento, a few miles from Pescoluse.