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Our story begins in 1923. A story that evolves over time, taking on a new form, in order to transmit our traditions and our values through the most beautiful means for spreading culture: hospitality. And so, what was once an ancient family oil mill has become the house that has seen us grow, a house where we have decided to welcome those who want to be soothed by the slow rhythms of the land of Salento.

This has been a metamorphosis in which we very much wanted to keep our roots alive, never forgetting the ancestral and privileged link that we have boasted for generations with the land.

Don Cesare, TerraMascia, Cassandra, Fani, Saracina, Montani, Angeli and Cantarossi: our suites are named after the various family landholdings that for decades have boasted the presence of luxuriant centuries-old olive trees.

The rest is a journey of traditions to be experienced.


Take the thrill of travel with you. Knowledge of new cultures, the discovery of an unknown land, trying out different lifestyles: put Coclee Suite Palace’s offerings in your suitcase